We're building a forward thinking sample library, based on a royalty-fair system.

Here's how it works:

Selling with wavvvy, royalty‑fair

  • You retain ownership of your work
  • No advances (for now)
  • We take a cut of the income made when users download your pack from our site
  • We don’t take a cut of whatever you make from any resulting publishing, master royalties or production fees.

We aren’t buying your work to sell it at a profit. We promote and distribute your work and benefit from those efforts.

Other royalty‑free sample sites

  • You sell out your rights
  • You get paid an advance
  • That advance is recoupable against income made from sample downloads
  • The site takes a cut of your income

This is the end of the story for your work. If one of your loops becomes a hit, you don’t share in that success. The person who used it, bought it royalty-free.

How are creators protected?

As soon as you put something on the internet, it’s out there and it’s hard or impossible to control the usage. But, we have a system that leaves you protected, whilst also not being too restrictive for anyone that wants to create derivative works.

The obvious issues here are clear - what if they don’t contact you for clearance? Or, what if the negotiations are taking too long, or you can’t agree?

In these cases, the user has already agreed to a default licence. The terms of this licence are:

For example, if the producer who used your loop gets 50% of the publishing for the final work, you are registered for 25%. If they got paid a $10k fee, you would be entitled to $5k.

Note that this default clearance and licence only applies if something isn’t agreed before the release. In most cases we would hope and expect that a fair split is agreed beforehand.

Why would someone want to buy royalty-fair samples?

Beyond just the deal, we’re trying to build a community and we want you to be a part of it. We have a Discord server, run a podcast, film tutorials and will promote all of our creators constantly through our social media channels.

Royalty-fair is the future, let's build it together.