m.e.g. pt.3

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$ 19.99 USD
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Miscellaneous Electronic Goods was our first sample series - a fusion of organic instruments and vintage synths. This is the third in the series and has lots of mellotron and live piano fused with synths, drum machines and other live instrumentation. Theres a range of feels from futuristic rap to bed room pop to soul and more jazz cuts. Every sample is a unique composition that you can quickly and easily chop up, sample or use in full.

Composed by:Benji Miller (Credits: https://genius.com/artists/Benjamin-m...)

M.E.G part 3 was composed on the following vintage synths and instruments:

  • Mellotron
  • CS-60
  • Juno - 106
  • Moog Voyager
  • DX - 7
  • MPC 2500
  • Upright Bechenstein Piano
  • Various acoustic instruments
pack contains:
30 high quality .wav samples ready to be chopped up, sampled and used in your beats.
$ 19.99 USD
$ 19.99 USD
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